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How often do you find yourself using a “maps” app on your mobile device to help you get to your location?

As technology is becoming more and more integrated into our daily lives, even getting to a location within 5-10 miles of our general vicinity, we find ourselves using these apps to get to our destination.

With that said, did you know that EV drivers use apps to find charging locations nearest to them? and that when a business installs a charging station they get added to that app?

As the adoption of electric vehicles is growing, more people look for the most convenient way to charge when they aren’t at home. With most of the “map” apps on our phones now giving us the option of finding the nearest charging location, most EV drivers will find themselves going to businesses that give them that option.

Let’s use a grocery store as an example.

As an EV driver myself, I can tell you that I sometimes find myself driving a little farther to that grocery store that allows me to charge while I’m shopping. Now, you could say that going to the grocery store wouldn’t give your car enough time to fully charge, but from personal experience, I can tell you that when I’m charging my vehicle, I find myself spending a little more time looking at what I’m buying, instead of just trying to rush out of the store.

That right there is a huge win for those businesses that have an EV charging station in their lot. Knowing that their vehicle is charging while they do their daily shopping, consumers take more time to better browse your store, discover new products, and ultimately grow their basket, which in return will improve your bottom line.

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